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Next year's Internet marketing: 7 major trends!

Next year's Internet marketing: 7 major trends!

Next year's Internet marketing: 7 major trends!

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way information is exchanged and, of course, had a huge impact on marketing communications. Forbes has prepared material on 7 major trends that will be relevant for marketers next year.

1. Content marketing will be bigger than ever.

Distributing valuable content through different channels is a sure way to create credibility and win consumer confidence. This is usually informative or entertaining information about the industry. Content marketing allows you to get closer to your audience and helps you better understand it by watching the reaction to such texts. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the main strategies in B2B are social media, materials in business publications, newsletters, case studies, videos and articles on various websites. The trend suggests that mass-oriented marketing (via TV and radio) becomes less effective, and it is more logical to focus on creating useful content for a narrower audience. In addition, the strategy of creating a story is especially popular now, which can then be guided by when developing content.

2. SMM will require diversity.

Even two years ago, marketers were limited in distributing their campaigns by three main social networks - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Now social networks seem to appear constantly. Some of them do not take off, but Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram are becoming more popular and provide many new features, creating different channels and forms to attract the audience. To achieve the maximum number of consumers, you can experiment with several social networks. This strategy is useful for many companies, because the brand will be easier and faster to learn in the future. You will learn about the main trends of social networks from the article by Victoria Dimitryukha, who recently returned from Social Media Week in London.

3. Content will be built around images.

The amount of information around is growing - we barely manage to keep track of our newsfeed, which means that advertising should be quickly and easily absorbed. If you look at the world's most popular social networks, two of them (Buzzfeed and Pinterest) focus on images. Success is in the viral potential of images. The same applies to posts on blogs and other social networks, when people emphasize the meaning of the text with a photo or give it a new understanding. Another example is infographics. It combines an image with a minimal amount of text that contains statistics or research data.

It is unlikely that the text will ever be completely out of fashion, but the inclusion of an image will always be a profitable step for a marketing campaign.

4. Everything will be even easier, and advertising too

The shift in consumer preferences towards simplified advertising information is obvious. If you think about the world's best brands, Apple and Google are immediately remembered, and their main advantage has always been maximum ease of use. Minimalism and brevity - this is also about Twitter, Vine, Coub and Instagram. Consumers were filled with bright, screaming and complex signals that poured into them every day, and were a little tired. In addition, all new technologies are rapidly simplifying our lives, and marketers should not lag behind the trend.

5. Mobile - your masthead

The content should be accessible to users of smartphones and tablets, since there is an obvious increase in the use of these devices. In addition, it should be adapted to the format. This may be a mobile version of the site, a game application or the same page, but with advanced functionality.

If it seems to you that this does not suit your business, still think - competitors may turn the trend in their favor, and you will be left out.

6. The effectiveness of retargeting will increase.

Only 2% of the traffic is converted by the first visit, and retargeting increases the conversion, reminding the consumer about the product or service that interested her earlier. Psychological studies have shown that even the usual demonstration of a logo affects a person’s mind, forcing him to trust companies and place orders with her. Now several types of retargeting are distinguished, and in the future new technologies will appear on its implementation in various fields. Here, for example, you will find 50 tips on retargeting in e-commerce.

7. SEO and social signals will interact more closely.

Social signals - that's all that says about the behavior of the user in social networks. Huskies, shores, tweets, comments can tell a lot about a person - at least what he is willing to share publicly. Researchers even talked about contextual calculations that can establish a connection between two strangers who are in the same place at the same time. In order to provide relevant content to people, search engines consider social signals as one of the ranking factors. The more people interact with the content in social networks, the higher it should be on the page with the result of the issue. It is difficult to predict which algorithms will appear in the future, but there is a chance that social signals will outweigh traditional external links by the end of 2015 or at least reach the same level.


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10 Important Google Adwords tips

10 Important Google Adwords tips

Adwords tips. 10 useful tips that will help you achieve good results in the campaign Google Adwords.

10 Important Google Adwords tips

1.Google Adwords Tips

Take A / B test ads. To do this, turn on a uniform alternation of ads and write 2 ads per group. When statistics are enough to figure out which one is better, turn off the lost announcement and write a new one instead. You can repeat to infinity. Subsequently, you will collect statistics on which ad is more conversion.

2. Google adwords Tips

If your daily budget is fully spent and a message appears saying that the campaign is “limited by budget”, either lower rates or increase your daily budget. Otherwise, you get less clicks and conversions at a higher price. Exception: you have set a minimum bid below which your ads are not shown at all.

# Advice 3 on Google Adwords

Limit the number of ad impressions in the CCM. Usually, 5-7 campaign ad impressions per person per day are sufficient. This is necessary to increase the reach, keep the CTR and not “rape” people with your remarketing. When you advertise a company on the CCM, add to the placements exception Now you will not be shown in applications or different toys. Although the click there is cheap, from there comes traffic of terrible quality. It will save you up to 80% of the budget in the CCM.

# Advice 4 on Google Adwords

Run campaigns of different subjects in different accounts. This is necessary to avoid the influence of the “account history” and start from scratch. The easiest way to do this is to use My Client Center.

# Advice 5 on Google Adwords

If your site is incorrectly displayed on smartphones or tablets, then there is no point in advertising on them and paying for clicks. Set for smartphones and tablets in the settings adjust the rates "lower by 100%." This will save you about 25% of your advertising budget.

# Advice 6 on Google Adwords

Add the "Addresses" extension to the campaign. Ads with an address get a CTR higher than without it. To do this, register your company with Google My Business and link your My Business account with your AdWords account. Add at least 4 “clarifications” to your campaign. This will make your ads bigger and will raise their CTR in special placement. In addition, this is an additional advertising space where you can indicate even more benefits of your offer.

# Tip 7 on Google Adwords

Instead of a broad match of keywords, use a broad match modifier. To do this, before every word except prepositions + put + plus

# Advice 8 on Google Adwords

Use remarketing. Do not be afraid to put a high price per click as a search. Perhaps the traffic from remarketing you will be even more profitable search engine.

# Advice 9 on Google Adwords

Set up conversion tracking. Or through Adwords, or through google analytics and link analytics accounts and Adwords. Now you will know which keywords, ads and groups bring you conversions and at what price.

# Advice 10 on Google Adwords

Periodically go to the statistics on search queries
users and find new negative keywords. At the start of the campaign
Try to do this every 3-5 days. Then - it is possible less often.


6 ways to increase the CTR in Yandex Direct

6 ways to increase the CTR in Yandex Direct

6 ways to increase the CTR in Yandex Direct

6 ways to increase the CTR in Yandex Direct

CTR is an indicator of the quality of an advertising campaign. The higher the clickthrough rate, the more valuable you are to Yandex as an advertiser, for which he encourages you to lower prices for clicks.

It is not always possible to achieve a high CTR from the first launch of an advertising campaign; therefore, it is necessary to conduct tests, measure indicators and make changes. Next you will find 6 ways to increase your CTR by working with ads.

Save on your wall and test.

1. Repeat the key phrase in the title and ad text. Reception "Fat cloud" - the words from the request are highlighted in bold in the title and text. If they are located under each other, then visually it turns out a fat spot that attracts attention. The “bold word request” is also clearly visible at the end of the ad text line.

2. Header = key request 1 in 1. Casualize the word order operator in the keyword brackets []. [Buy iPhone] and [iPhone buy] - different key phrases, try to make different ads for them.

3. ODC rule (OFFER-DEADLINE-CALL TO ACTION). Competitive tempting offer, limited in time, and a call to action - go to the site. This is the main law of advertising, which works always and everywhere, do not forget about it.

4. Locomotive with a price tag. Lure the visitor to the site with the cheapest offer that you have, indicating its price in the header or ad text.

5. Quality quick links. These links include: prices (price list); promotions, discounts, special offers; Product Name; warranty; loan / installment plan.

6. Contact information with a phone number. Specify different work times on different days - this will increase the mode line and make your ad more visible.

Do not forget the main thing - you can find out the result only by making a test. In each case, you need to use different techniques, and the results may also be different. Try it!


Google announces AdWords and Double Click rebranding

Google announces AdWords and Double Click rebranding

Google announces AdWords and Double Click rebranding
Google Announces AdWords and DoubleClick Rebranding

Google announced the re-branding of AdWords and Doubleclick - the first ever since the existence of these services. The company's advertising products will not only receive new names, but will also be reorganized to more accurately reflect their capabilities. In addition to rebranding, Google also announced new solutions within these platforms.

Now, in the field of advertising, Google will have three main brands:

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords);
Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite products);
Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will be integrated into a single platform).

The functionality of the services included in the new brands, for the most part will not change. According to Google's vice president of advertising, Sridhar Ramaswamy, the rebranding and reorganization is designed to show the direction in which services have evolved over the past few years.

Ravaswami noted that as Google created new promotional offers, formats and measurement solutions, the company's products became more and more complex, and their number increased. As a result, it became more and more difficult for advertisers, publishers and agencies to choose solutions that fit their needs. Now it will be easier for marketers to choose the right product.
Google Ads

At launch, in 2000, Google AdWords was a platform for placing text ads in the desktop search. After 18 years, AdWords has evolved into a platform that supports many different ad formats — text ads, product, videos, and ad installation apps — for various services (on search, on YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and partner sites and applications) Millions of advertisers spend billions of dollars on AdWords every year. The service has already outgrown its name.

As for the launch of the new AdWords interface, it is not related to rebranding.
Google Marketing Platform
 DoubleClick and Analytics 360 advertising products will now be merged under a single brand of the Google Marketing Platform to provide corporate customers with the opportunity to plan, buy, measure and optimize their digital inventory in one place.

The idea of ​​combining these services came from advertisers who made this integration on their own. Google noticed that their results were better.

As part of Google Marketing Platflorm, a new solution called Display & Video 360 will be launched that will combine a range of products for corporate customers: DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Studio and Google Audience Center 360.

The DoubleClick Search platform will be renamed to Search Ads 360.

Google Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360 and Tag Manager 360 will also become part of the Google Marketing Platform.

The new Integration Center will explain how these tools work together and how to connect them. In it, marketers will be able to combine Display & Video 360 + Analytics 360, Google Ads + Analytics 360 and Analytics 360 + BigQuery.

The Google Marketing Platform will launch later this month.
Google ad manager

The merger of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) took three years.

As part of this change, advertisers who buy programmatic ads and advertisements on the ad network, formerly called “AdX buyers”, will now be listed as “Authorized Buyers”.

Google will launch rebranding and new solutions in mid-July.
96 killer content ideas for social networks

96 killer content ideas for social networks

96 killer content ideas for social networks

96 Killer Content Ideas For Social Networks

All marketers are aware of the benefits of promoting projects in social networks. In this article you will find 96 ideas that will help support SMM campaigns.

1. Quotes. Funny and inspirational quotes of famous people are always a success.
2. Keep the thought. “If I were a millionaire, then ...” - ask the audience to continue this or other thoughts.
3. Polls. Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Facebook allow you to create a poll within one minute.
4. Photos in the format "behind the scenes." Post photos of employees during work, satisfied customers. Suitable photos from corporate parties and industry events.
5. Statistics. Graphs and charts with data related to your field of activity are always in demand.
6. Repeated announcements of successful blog posts. Links to popular articles never hurt.
7. Questions. Ask your audience simple questions related to your business.
See also: 97 ideas online business
8. Announcements of your guest posts. If your article is published on a reputable industry resource, immediately inform your subscribers.
9. Branded photos. Look for photos in the far corners of your hard drive that have your company logo. Well, if the image will be funny.
10. Infographics. You can announce someone else's infographics or create your own.
11. Photos of your product. These photos can be posted on Pinterest or Instagram.
12. Photos, causing positive emotions. Do not try to connect them with your business. Your subscribers will certainly appreciate the photo of a sunset or a smiling child.
See also: Effective promotion of "Vkontakte": 50 tips and lots of useful services
13. Link to the discussion or dispute. If you argue with colleagues on any forum or in comments to a blog post, refer to this dispute. Holivar is a great way to draw attention and engage subscribers in interaction.
14. Opinion of users. Ask subscribers to share feedback on your product.
15. Photos of your product. Post a photo of your product during assembly or production.
16. Repost photos from Pinterest or Flickr. In these social networks you will find many interesting images worthy of the attention of your audience.
17. Share a link to a useful resource. This could be an industry blog, a new service or a guide written by your colleagues.
18. Post your presentation to SlideShare. And share the link with subscribers.
See also: How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer
19. Refer to the useful case. Many consider this format more interesting than standard blog posts.
20. Useful advice. Publish helpful advice related to your business.
21. Ask users to write a review of your product. Motivate them and reward the most active.
22. Share your customer photos related to your business or product. They can be found on the corresponding hashtags.
23. Recommend users a free tool. For example, share with them information about the program with which you make a gif-animation.
24. Recommend users a useful book related to your field of activity. If it is freely available, leave a link.
25. Describe the working day of your company employee. This can be a photo report with a small description. Refer to this content.
26. Recommend your favorite products. If you sell bicycles, you must be an avid cyclist. Share your personal preferences with the public.
No time to implement all these items? Contact us!

27. Periodically share with users useful tricks. Make a list and publish them in the following format: "Trick number 9".
28. List of top articles. Make a list of the most popular posts in industry blogs. Publish it and explain with the example of several materials, why publications have become successful.
29. Recommend your partners to subscribers. For example, if you are satisfied with your Internet service provider, supplier of computer equipment or a cleaning agency, do not feel sorry for compliments.
30. Tell the audience how you succeed in business and do not go crazy. Perhaps you are doing yoga, attending psychological trainings or throwing out negative energy with the help of crossfit? Photos are welcome.
31. Ask subscribers for advice.
32. Confirm that you are human. Post a photo of your breakfast destroyed by your dog's sneakers or the devastating effects of yesterday's party.
33. Comment on current events that everyone has heard. Avoid political topics. Conchita Wurst's victory at Eurovision is a great example.
34. Recommend an expert. Recommend followers to subscribe to the sectoral expert page. Say that you yourself get a lot of useful information from first-hand.
35. Share your memories with the audience. Post a photo of your old logo, first products or office in the garage.
36. Other social networks. Post on Facebook or VKontakte a link to your Pinterest profile or other social network.
37. Post something funny. Beat the famous meme.
38. Post the video. It is better if it is a useful video instruction.
See also: What to write about in a blog, when to write about nothing: 99 content ideas
39. Recommend subscribers a LinkedIn profile of a cool specialist. You may have collaborated with a great designer or photographer. Share your experiences with colleagues and clients.
40. Hold a photo contest. The theme of the photo should be related to your business.
41. Comment on the topics that are currently being discussed on Twitter. Avoid politics.
42. Argue with someone from colleagues or industry gurus. Make your subscribers see the discussion.
43. Post a fun photo. And ask the subscribers to come up with a signature.
44. Find a video on YouTube that interests your audience. This can be a funny video shot on the phone’s camera, or professional video content created by your colleagues.
45. Mark the page of your colleagues on Facebook. Show that you are not afraid of competition.
46. ​​Make a selection of industry news. Keep track of current topics with Google Alerts.
47. Stay tuned for regional holidays. Congratulate subscribers from Europe on Christmas December 24th. US residents will be grateful if you remember them on July 4th.
48. Publish the forecast. It can be associated with the scope of your business or with current events. For example, write who you think will win the Russian Football Championship.
49. E-book. Offer subscribers to download an ebook.
50. Ask your subscribers to ask you questions related to the product or business.
51. Play the devil's advocate. Give a controversial point of view. Try so that due to the provocation you will not have enemies.
53. Post a photo of your employees. Customers should know that they are dealing with real people, and not with "sales manager number 2".
54. Share product returns with subscribers. This will help your customers avoid mistakes.
55. Publish the post in the format "True or false." Suggest to subscribers themselves to confirm or deny the myth.
56. Expand the popular topic. Find out what Google users are looking for. Post a post on a popular topic.
57. Select a subscriber of the month. Assign the most active follower as an ambassador for your brand on social networks. Reward lucky for activity.
58. Share the results of the study.
59. Offer users a discount. Limit the duration of the offer.
60. Congratulate subscribers on obscure holidays. For example, July 25 is the day of the system administrator.
61. Tell us about the awards and prizes. Emphasize your professionalism, but do not brag.
62. Share a link to a profitable share. Or coupon, which is offered by your colleagues.
63. Tell us about the news and changes that have occurred in your company. Hired new professionals? Developed a new product? Accountant born child? Write about it.
64. Share a photo from the last industry event. Boring pictures are of little interest to anyone. Better show your subscribers what was happening on the sidelines.
And then Cutts got drunk and started pestering girls
And then Cutts got drunk and started pestering girls
65. Refer to the opportunity to get something for free. This can be a program, white paper or other useful content.
66. Thank the audience. Just tell customers thanks for the years they have spent with you.

67. Be an expert on any subject. It is possible so: "The national team of Germany will not win the World Cup, since they do not have Messi or Neymar."
68. Prepare a series of microposts on one topic. Post them several days in a row.
69. Weekly publish links to the most interesting articles related to your field of activity.
70. Ask staff to share the most ridiculous practice case. Publish the story on the brand page.
71. Create a vibrant collection of industry news on Flipboard. And share it on Facebook.
72. Hold a free seminar using Google+ Hangouts. Post videos on social networks.
73. Ask subscribers to support some interesting Kickstarter project.
74. Ask a question to an industry expert. And publish his answer on your page on the social network.
75. Give gifts to the first five users who will write a comment to your message.
76. Tease subscribers. Post an excerpt from the interview with Guy Kawasaki next week. Show one photo with dancing Bill Gates and promise to publish the rest on Monday.
77. Mention industry gurus in your posting. Mark it in the announcement for publication and ask for your opinion.
78. Create and publish a photo collage. This can be a brief photo guide or entertainment content.
79. Intrigue the audience. For example, if you publish a photo report from an industry event, try to gossip: “Lots of hot photos under the cut. Caution, 18 +.
80. Publish insider information. Leaders should always know more competitors.
81. Tell us about the non-standard ways of using your product.
82. Refer to any comment on your blog. This could be an expert opinion or a funny novice statement.
83. Answer the questions that you often ask. Users are lazy to look for the FAQ section on the site.
Too many points for self-promotion of public in social networks? Order their implementation in our agency!
84. Letter from the list. Refer to the letter from your mailing list. This will help you start a discussion and attract new subscribers.
85. Ask for help from subscribers. Ask subscribers to suggest topics for you to post.
86. Useful pages in social networks. Refer to the useful group on Facebook or Vkontakte.
87. Anecdote. Tell a joke or a funny incident from your life.
88. Study the content of competitors. See what your colleagues post on social networks. You need the same posts, only they should be of higher quality.
89. Reports. Look for an idea for a post in Google Analytics reports. Share interesting observations with your audience.
90. Show your employees. If you have a section "Our Employees", refer to it.
91. Use the service of questions and answers. Find the relevant question on the question-answer sites. Write and post a detailed answer.
92. Answer the mention. And post the answer on your page.
93. Fragment from the article. Post an interesting excerpt from your article.
94. Screenshot dialogue. With the permission of the interlocutor, post a screenshot of the dialogue in the chat or in the mail. Comment on the dialogue.
95. Announce an industry event.
96. Advertise your business. In the end, you have created a group or public


 7 rules of SEO promotion Landing page

7 rules of SEO promotion Landing page

 7 rules of SEO promotion Landing page

SEO promotion is an alternative to contextual advertising. Only here they pay once, and get new customers without stopping. SEO promotion of landing page is a thing possible, but difficult. For positive results, you need to carefully follow the 7 rules.

1. Regionality.
It is better to create separate landing pages for the regions than to try to promote one all over Russia.

2. SEO optimization.
Filling the tags Alt, Title, description of the page (description) helps in SEO-promotion landing page. It is equally important to use key words in the text, focusing on the region of promotion.

3. Homepage.
The fact that the landing page is represented by one page has a very good effect on the promotion. Do not break this harmony and create many pages on one site.

4. Domain Optimization.
Not only tags and descriptions can be optimized. An SEO domain is a domain with keywords, for example, a site with the domain manager \\\"\\\" clearly shows the direction of the site’s activities. Use an SEO-optimized domain when promoting a landing page.

5. Technical SEO.
The site must be mobile and quickly loaded. Responsive design and caching plugins will help.

6. Orientation on {sasaran} audience.
Central Asia - the {sasaran} audience. If the landing will be focused on a strictly defined {sasaran} audience, the conversion will be higher. For example, you can create separate landing pages for each of the groups: pensioners, children, businessmen, etc.

7. Inbound links
Acquiring links from sites with a high TIC (thematic citation index) helps to bring landing pages to the top. Only external promotion should begin with a delay when the site is six months old. It is advisable to buy links at low speed, a maximum of 1 in 5 days.

At the initial stage, contextual advertising helps out: the site is young, and therefore the influx of {gratis|tidak dipungut bayaran|cuma-cuma} traffic from search engines cannot be large. Later, when SEO optimization and SEO promotion of the landing page is carried out, the “context” can be discarded: the flow of visitors from search engines does not allow the landing page to be left without orders.

54 ways to get new customers

1. Create a website

2. Contextual advertising

3. Teaser ads

4. Banners on portals

5. CPA network (payment for the actions of users on the site)

6. Create a group in social networks

7. Advertising on social networks (payment for impressions or clicks)

8. Affiliate programs

9. Place a banner with useful information on your website.

10. Place a subscription form on your website

11. Launch the capture page.

12. Launch a YouTube channel

13. YouTube Advertising

14. Make a share on the commodity-locomotive.

15. Launch flyers

16. To draw a lottery

17. To arrange the action “Gift to a friend-friend”

18. Use affiliate flyers for an allied target audience.

19. Mailing List

20. Couponers

21. Goods on credit

22. To make a free thematic information product for getting customer contacts.

23. Ring old customers

24. To hold a live seminar, conference

25. Conduct an online seminar

26. To sell

27. Request recommendations from old customers

28. Find a dealer

29. Cold calls

30. Lottery at the exhibition

31. Participation in the exhibition

32. Open a representative office

33. Launch content by database

34. Billboards

35. Launch Buzzbox (virus recommendation service)

36. Pillars

37. Magazine or newspaper article

38. Ad unit in a magazine or newspaper

39. TV advertising - video

40. TV advertising - running line

41. Radio advertising

42. Speech on the radio - expert format

43. Write a book

44. Electronic bulletin boards (Avito, Irr niche)

45. Advertising on screens in shopping centers, cafes, shuttles

46. ​​Act as a guest at the conference.

47. Scripts for sales managers

48. Distribution of test versions of the product - probes

49. Employee motivation system (bonuses for certain indicators)

50. SEO optimization

51. Loyalty program - a gift card for each client.

52. Advertising on asphalt

53. Posting ads, leaflets on mailboxes

54. SMS distribution