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Free quality backlinks 2019

I give a free quality Backlink title.

Free quality backlinks

Yes ... Because here we will look for backlinks just by using the comment column. This trick is very telling. #If you want to get a good backlink then all you have to do is search for a quality website or blog # Then comment there by embedding a link to your blog.

Comment on the blog to get a backlink.

Here are the procedures for commenting on the web or blog to get backlinks.

The first step
In the Name column, you can fill in the name of the person, the name of the blog, or what keywords are targeted. For example, having a blog about cars and one of the articles targeting car keywords for young people, then you can immediately fill in the Name column.

Second step
Furthermore, the Email column can be filled with original or careless e-mail, except that if you choose a perfunctory e-mail, the blog owner who initially wants to approve the comment might cancel because it is considered that the e-mail entered is incorrect.

Third step
The website column is just the name of the website or blog whose URL you want to optimize. More or less like this how to plant backlinks as usual that is done by many bloggers and not even a seo expert is still relying on this method.

What if when you want to leave a link or install a backlink the column above doesn't exist?

No need to worry, there are 10 ways that can be used to make a link can be planted and certainly live.

Free quality backlinks

<a href=”http://www.website.com/”> keywords </a>

[url = http: //www.website.com/] keyword [/ url]

[url] http://www.website.com/ [/ url]

[keyword-> http://www.website.com/]

http://www.website.com/”> key words

[keyword | http: //www.website.com/]

[keyword] (http://www.website.com/)

"Keywords": http: //www.website.com/

keywords (http://www.website.com/)

By using the above code, just adjust it when doing backlink activities, which one can live the link can try. So it is not in vain to look for free backlinks because the planted links are successful and not just just being written.

Hopefully with information about how to plant backlinks presented here can help, and congratulations on continuing the backlinking activity and need to remember not to over-plant the links

Best Quality Backlinks Service Providers

Quality backlinks service providers is rare now a day’s. So if you need to find those quality expert and services you must need to research more. Because building backlinks is the most powerful part of off-page SEO. It takes time, money and lots of hard labor. You have to follow some particular disciplines that are shaped by Google or other search engines. If you unable to disobey their algorithm, you must be penalized. That’s why; building quality backlinks is a little bit tricky. You need lots of experience to create backlinks that look like natural to the Search engines.

If you have lots of time, you can ownself do it. Otherwise, you can hand over this responsibility to others who have lots of experience in building quality backlinks. For this reason, here I found out 8 best companies who provide reliable, natural and high quality backlinks service. If you want, you can take service from them.
Let’s see what the best quality backlinks service companies are.

Feature Service Provider: LinkSearching

LinkSearching Service
LinkSearching High Authority team made decission to provide service in worldwide. They have lots of experience for building quality link. You will get many services after checking their pricing table. They almost tried to grab every portion for providing SEO Services. You can take Private Blogging Network Service, Guest Blogging Services, Web 2.0 Backlink Services, Manuall LinkBuilding Services and many more from there.

1. Quality 4-U

Quality 4-U is a professional company to create high quality backlinks. They guarantee you to raise your site rank on Google by creating authority backlinks, high PR and quality backlinks.

2. PR Checker

PR Checker is another leading quality backlinks service provider. They promise you there will be no any low page rank backlinks to your site. They ensure you that one PR 5 backlink is equal to 2000 PR 0-1 backlinks. We think also so. They emphasize on building “slow and steady’ backlinks that look like natural because the quick creation of links may be a big penalty by Google algorithm.
Hey guys, be careful when you buy quality backlinks service from any provider because a good backlink can hold your page on the first of SERPs, while a bad backlink can be a cause of your big loss. Even your site or page may be penalized for building exciting or toxic backlinks. Be creative more to get natural and steady backlinks

3. Buy High Quality Backlinks

The best way of showing your site in SERPs is to create lots of high quality backlinks. Buy High Quality Backlinks has a strong team of SEO experts who have 15 years’ experience in this field. They can help you to dominate Google and bring your site in the SERPs.

4. Backlinks Rocket

Backlinks Rocket offers you to take your site on the top of SERPs. They provide the backlink service, like edu, social media, high PageRank, homepage backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks and so on. They focus on creating the natural and penalty-free backlinks.

5. Blackhat World


Blackhat World is one of the biggest companies who provide trusted and quality backlinks service around the world. You can join with them. Not only that you can take various suggestions from them by joining their forum. They have huge experience in link building field.

6. Links Management

Links Management offers to get your page up on the top of Google. They provide you backlinks from PR1 to PR8 with a true backlink building. They mainly deal with one way link building strategy that ensures to rise up traffic from 10,000 to 30,000 per month.

7. Rank Crew

The slogan of Rank Crew is “Obtain top ten rankings without lifting a finger.” They don’t do any automatic backlinks. They believe in manual link building strategy. You will get from them powerful backlinks with cheap price. They follow the most effective, natural and most modern methods of link building.

8. Blackhat Links

Blackhat Links is one of the best backlink service providers in the world. They offer you to build credible links with competitive price. Blackhat Links is also careful about making the powerful, but safe backlinks that must save you time and help to get huge traffic. They are providing thousands of customers worldwide.

5 services to find references

5 services to find references

Smart people learn from the mistakes of others and ... achievements. Also, companies that want to achieve great success can learn from the experience of their competitors. Monitoring competitors will help not only identify their strengths and weaknesses, but also understand what your company should strive for and in which direction to go.

In this article we will look at 24 tools that can be used to monitor the sites of competitors.

Brand reference search services
Using this group of tools, you can track mentions of a company or its product in social networks, news portals, forums, blogs, etc.

11. Mention
The Mention service is used by 500,000 companies, including ASOS, Microsoft, Spotify, etc.

Mention monitors brand references in 42 languages ​​from a million different sources: in social networks, news portals, forums, blogs and any other sites.

With this service you can track how often and in which countries your competitors are mentioned, customers respond positively or negatively about them.

The data found for the Toyota North America query is presented here as a graph, the number of references and the percentage of positive responses and the period (146 days) for which the references were added. A world map is also shown with selected countries in which messages about the company were created.

The service is a basic free version and 3 paid rates, the most inexpensive of which costs $ 29 per month. You can also purchase a free trial version for 14 days.

You can register on the site through social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, or by creating an account.

22. Brand24
Brand24 is a service that works with more than 3000x`0 brands worldwide. Its users are many well-known companies, including Panasonic, IKEA, H & M, Raiffeisen Bank.

The service provides millions of data units from more than 25 social networks, news portals, blogs, forums, etc. With it, you can find references to competitors in these sources and determine the attitude of customers to the company.

The report on the obtained data contains graphs of the numbers of references and their emotional evaluation, pages of sites with found references. All results are sorted by different types of sources (Facebook, Twitter, video, photos, blog, forum, etc.).

The service provides charts of positive and negative comments about the company.

Presented 3 paid versions, which cost from $ 49 per month, as well as a free 14-day demo version.

Registration on the site takes a few seconds - you just need to enter your email and password or enter via Facebook.

33. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a free service for monitoring brand references in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. Users of the service are more than 10 million people, including well-known companies - NYC and Hershel.

When adding the query “Virgin America” the service issued the latest publications mentioning the company in the selected social network (Facebook)

The service searches for references of competing companies by keywords, provides weekly analytical reports, is excellent for working with a team (you can create tasks for employees and send personal messages)

You can use the demo version of the Hootsite Pro tariff for free for 30 days. Paid fares start at $ 9.99.

You can register for the service through your Twitter, Facebook, Google account or by creating an account.

When adding the query “Virgin America” the service issued the latest publications mentioning the company in the selected social network (Facebook)

44. IceRocket
This tool monitors social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and various image sites (such as Flickr), but mainly on blogs, which contain about 200 million databases. The search is carried out in 20 languages, and the results are displayed in graphs.

This is how the schedule of references to Air France found on various blogs

IceRocket does not require registration of the account, besides the service is free and easy to use, which is a definite plus.

55. Google Alerts
Using Google Alerts, you can track the appearance of brand references, competitors' activities and any other information on blogs and forums in real time.

By subscribing to Google alerts, you will receive email notifications each time new results appear for your search.

To work on Google Alerts, you only need to have a Google account (mailbox on gmail.com), additional registration is not needed.

To search for the necessary information and subscribe to alerts, enter the search word in the search box and click on the "Create Alerts" button

what you need for SEO - Tool analysis

Tool analysis

SEO - Tool analysis

Yandex.Metrica collects information about the site’s audience (age, geography, devices), and also allows you to evaluate conversions and user behavior.

What the counter provides:

Traffic sources
Attendance: visits, visits, returns to the site.
User behavior: clicks, routes, target actions.
Information about users: geography, demography, devices.
The popularity of certain pages, page entry and exit.
Map of user paths - you can visually assess how they move through your site.
Unique features:

Webvisor - records the actions of some users on the site.
A map of clicks and a map of links will show which elements on the site the user most often interacts with.
Integration with Yandex.Direct and J.Market.
Form analysis - allows you to evaluate the convenience of forms on the site.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is Google's analytics system. Differs in some complexity of setup, but at the same time wide functionality.


Allows you to assess the quality of mobile traffic.
Analyze site conversion.
Rate traffic channels: advertising, media, social, search.
Generates reports in real time.
Analyzes the work of the resource and its effectiveness: download speed, routes of users.
The main advantage is the flexible and fine-tuning of analytics, but it requires experience and skills.

AAAnalysis of competitors
SEMrush is a service for analyzing competitors by the criteria: SEO, paid traffic, social networks, content and PR events.

Specialists available:

Analysis and evaluation of backlinks.
Competitor analysis.
Monitoring positions on requests.
Collecting a list of requests.
Audit technical optimization.
Recommendations for increasing organic traffic.
The main purpose of the service is competitor analysis. You can find out:

Advertising campaign budgets.
Requests that your competitors promote in Google AdWords.
The cost per click, the amount of traffic and the text of the ad competitor.
Site attendance and position for specific keywords.

SEMrush allows you to find subwoofers - in the database of about 95 million words. You can compare multiple sites for specific parameters.

AA analysis of reference weight
Ahrefs is a service for analyzing external site optimization. Although it is commercial, a number of features are available for free.

Countries and domain zones that most often link to your site.
Search backlinks by posting time.
List of the most often referring domains.
Data on the links to the subdomains.
Site pages that are most often referred to.
Export and view anchor list.
Search for sources and count the number of backlinks to the site.
FFast Trust
Fast Trust is a service that collects about 30 site parameters from various sources. The most important are the trust and spamming of the site, which are rated on a 100 point scale. It also assesses attendance, statistics from Alexa, SeoMoz, MajesticSEO, availability in directories, statistics and PR, social activity and data on links from the Solomono service.

The main application is an express analysis of donor sites, which allows to save time significantly. Then selected sites can be assessed visually. There is a filtering system that allows you to create samples by specific parameters, sort and group the results.

The program allows you to download the entire list of backlinks and check their quality. Then you can use the Disallow Links tool.

To analyze the optimization
GGoogle Page Speed ​​Insights
Google Page Speed ​​Insights is a service for quickly testing different versions of site pages. Analyzes the download speed, optimization of the technical part, makes recommendations on how to improve the results. Separately evaluates versions for computers and mobile devices.

Gtmetrix is ​​one of the popular tools for measuring site download speeds.


The speed of loading the page and its individual elements.
Load time.
The size of the pages.
Evaluates cascading traffic.
Measures the number of HTTP requests.
NNetpeak Spider
Netpeak Spider - a program for rapid comprehensive audit of the site.

Main functions:

It determines about 60 errors of internal optimization.
Checks 50 SEO parameters.
Analyzes outgoing and incoming internal links.
Finds duplicate pages, meta tags, headers.
Checks for broken links and redirects.
Calculates the internal weight of the page.
The main advantage is a flexible scanning setup that takes into account robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical. Provides export to Excel.

Xenu's Link
Xenu's Link Sleuth is a service that allows you to find broken links, missing meta tags and checks other parameters that affect the optimization.

Finds images with unfilled Alt tags.
Conducts internal linking audit.
Searches for pages with too many outgoing links.
Shows pages with too much nesting and response time.
Find duplicate page headers in meta descriptions.
Generates a sitemap in XML format for static pages.
The main task of the program is to search for broken links among frames, scripts, styles and images, check HTML and PHP links.

Kkomplexnye tools
CCoolakov tools
Coolakov tools is a free query clusterizer for creating a semantic kernel. Splits requests into groups. Based on the similarity of requests from the TOP 10 Yandex determines which requests need to be promoted on one page, and for which it is better to select a separate page.

AArsenkin tools
Arsenkin tools - a tool for the selection of LSI-phrases. Allows you to find additional words that are worth using for the full disclosure of the topic. In addition, it offers a range of additional tools.


Check for duplicate snippets.
Check for re-optimization and affiliation filters.
Defines a downgrade of the site due to the action of the Minusinsk algorithm from Yandex, which determines sites that use the purchase of seo-links to promote the site.
Parsing tips from issuing "Yandex".
Downloading sites from the first page of "Yandex".
Visual HTML editor.
Parsing competitor headers from issue.
Lemmatization of the text.

SE Ranking
SE Ranking is a platform for full audit and site analysis. A must have for business owners, agencies, marketers and SEO professionals.

Key features:

Monitoring - allows you to track any changes on your site and competitors' sites.
Search Engine Optimization Audit - shows how optimized the page is under the key request.
Search queries - the service promises more than 3 billion words and tips
Creating a marketing plan - you can set user goals, analyze the site, use the checklist for SEO.
Clustering - allows you to professionally group search queries.
Tools for SMM - auto posting and analysis of key indicators in social networks.
One of the "chips" is a report designer, which greatly simplifies the work of specialists on a large number of projects.

In addition to common services for the analysis and audit of the site, Webmasta has in its arsenal a number of unique tools. For example, generators - they greatly simplify the work. There are generators of meta tags, keywords from the site and from text, HTML links, links for exchanges, robots.txt file. Webmasta also allows you to analyze behavioral factors, external and internal links, site redirects, view server headers.

PR.CY is a large collection of various tools for checking and analyzing websites. The service is intended not only for SEO-specialists. Useful features here will find copywriters, marketers, webmasters, site and server administrators.

For an SEO specialist, here is the following set of tools:

Analysis of sites by main indicators.
Content analysis and verification at the level of optimization.
Zipf analysis - allows you to determine the naturalness of the text.
Audit links - internal and external.
See the site through the eyes of a search robot.
Position Check
Check the download speed of the site and others.
The service allows you to automatically monitor your site and competitor sites. This allows you to track changes and quickly adapt to them.

“Pixel Tuls”
"Pixel Tuls" - a set of tools for a comprehensive analysis of the site. Most of them are free. The service allows you to evaluate the site optimization (internal and technical), conduct an audit and analytics, assemble a semantic core and positions, check the site for various filters.


Check filters: for re-optimization, for affiliates, a comprehensive check.
Work with the semantic core: search tips, data from Yandex.Wordstat, list of requests from Yandex.Webmaster.
Query analysis: commercialization, lemmatization, localization and geo-dependency, grouping queries by TOP, evaluation of the intensity, search and removal of duplicates.
Analysis of external optimization: nepot filter, reference weight, social signals.
Checking the technical part: XML sitemap and server responses, size and speed of loading documents, search for mirrors and subdomains.
Internal optimization tools: preparation of technical specifications for copywriters, text uniqueness checking, semantic analysis, optimization quality assessment, site structure analysis, SEO tags for URLs, visual HTML editor.
Pros: many tools in one, cloud service - works everywhere, does not ask for captcha and XML limits, there is a set of free tools, there are built-in checklists.

Native Adsense CryptoCoinsad

If you are looking for a backup publisher site besides Google adsense, then this is the right choice to try.

Here you will get extra income that is very extraordinary.

Payment Accepted


Welcome to straightforward crypto publicizing system

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Various Bidding Models
Browse CPM or CPC offering models.

Geo Targeting
To ensure quality and importance we offer the capacity to geo fragment your promoting.
Various types of installment

You can pay your battles through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

You can have up to a 10% reward each day as per your store.

Insights progressively
Control your impressions and snap progressively, the insights are refreshed immediately.

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15 second commercials appeared on Facebook news feed

The official blog for advertisers and business partners of Facebook Corp. reported that the news feed of the popular social network from today launched 15-second promotional videos with autoplay. Rumors about the possibility of the emergence of such a format of advertising have been on the Web since 2012, but the social network has postponed it several times. Testing of Premium Video Ads began in December 2013, and Western experts immediately appreciated the upcoming innovation as a potential catalyst for Facebook's financial results.

15-second commercials appeared on Facebook news feed

15 second commercials appeared on Facebook news feed

Today, Facebook users, for the first time in their news feeds, saw the autoplay commercials provided by selected social network partners. Video ads existed on Facebook before, but it only started if the user clicked on it.

The essence of the video format is that it starts playing without pressing the Play button and without sound. Each 15-second video begins to play when the user reaches it, and stops when scrolling through the tape. If the user clicks on the video, it opens in full screen mode and plays with the sound.

Facebook representatives say in a corporate blog that it will take several months to launch a new ad format: “We will slowly launch Premium Video Ads and track how people interact with new advertisements. This will allow us to focus on working with fewer advertisers with high-quality campaigns.” .

The corporation did not specify when the opportunity to buy new slots will appear to all interested advertisers.

Infolinks Native Adsense

Infolinks Native Adsense After Google Adsense
Infolinks advertisement organize


Infolinks Native Adsense
Right off the bat, pennant promotions have one major issue that outcomes in income misfortunes: flag visual impairment, where clients (intentionally or subliminally) disregard the advertisements since they are seen as an interruption.

Infolinks gets around this issue by offering a creative arrangement of allowed to-utilize and gainful promotion units viz. InFold (overlay advertisements), InText (content connections promotions), InTag (label cloud advertisements), InFrame (flag promotions in edges and casings), and InScreen (brilliant interstitial advertisements).

This joined prompts better SEO, less interruption to clients, expanded significance, and better space usage. Infolinks create high month to month income for more than 100,000 distributers. They are known to work with the greatest sponsors in particular Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay.

The stage is easy to incorporate with a site and is available to any distributer with no setup charges and no base online visits or guests prerequisites.

After filling out the registration form, you will get a code that you have to enter into the registered meta tag website. This is required for account verification.
See the sample image below

Kode infolinks

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, CPI, Auction
Least traffic: None

Native Ads Publisher

At whatever point we talk about adaptation, the principal name that springs up at the top of the priority list is Google AdSense. While there's nothing amiss with that—it is, all things considered, the world's biggest promotion arrange. In any case, to sit on the presumption that AdSense can't be beaten by any promotion arrange isn't insightful.

The advertisement tech industry is profoundly troublesome. Accordingly, it wouldn't be a stretch to state that Google has contenders who give them a decent keep running for their cash. It might take a ton of hit-and-preliminaries to make sense of which advertisement organize, or even blend of promotion systems, produce the most astounding income for distributers. Be that as it may, when you at long last do make sense of it, it would merit the exertion.

So here are the absolute best promotion systems for distributers hoping to help their yield

Native asd Publisher


Media.Net ad network

Media.net serves promotions from Yahoo! Bing relevant promotion organize, which includes an extensive pool of national and nearby publicists, guaranteeing a 100% fill rate over all verticals and advertisement positions. A portion of Media.net's distributers incorporate Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

The promotion arrange underpins standard IAB advertisement sizes and approaches astounding advertisements from all major DSPs. Besides, Media.net underpins show units work area interstitial, in-content local, and portable docked advertisements. 

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA 

Least traffic: None 

After registering you will get a notification email.

Accepted or not, there will be a reply after two days